Social Media’s Effects on Relationships

This survey explored the impact social media has had on people’s relationships with their significant other, family and friends and the techniques people had used to monitor its usage.

Children, Family, Internet, Romantic Relationships

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Parenting Difficulties

Parenting is complicated. This survey explores people’s experiences with parenting, supporting their children, understanding their needs and disciplining them.

Children, Family, Mental Health

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Children’s Contact Services

This survey explores what people know about, and their opinions on, Children’s Contact Services. These are centres which allow separated parents to have contact with their children in a safe environment.

Children, Disputes, Family, The Family Court

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Politics and Relationships

Dating someone with different political views to you can be challenging. Explaining to relatives why they shouldn’t vote for that person can be exhausting. This survey looks at how people navigate these political discrepancies with their loved ones.

Disputes, Family, Romantic Relationships, Society

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Contemporary views of marriage

Is marriage still necessary? This survey explores the benefits and disadvantages of modern marriage

Family, Romantic Relationships, Society

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Social isolation at Christmas time

Christmas can be a time of stress and loneliness for some. This survey explored if and how people felt socially isolated at this time of year.

Christmas, Family, Loneliness, Mental Health, Society

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Relationships with ageing parents

Relationships with parents change over time, especially as they age and the caring responsibilities shift. This survey looks at people’s attitudes towards their ageing parents and the conflicts that arise from this.

Children, Disputes, Family, Society

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Alcohol use and relationships

This survey examined the frquency and reasons for alcohol consumption among respondents and their partners and the potential harms this had caused.

Disputes, Family, Mental Health, Romantic Relationships

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Hearing the voices of children in family disputes

Protecting the rights and interests of the children in is an important aspect of the system set up to assist famililies resolve the legal aspect of family relationship issues. This survey looked at people’s opinions on children’s involvement within this system and the qualifications of those assisting families through this process.

Disputes, Family, Society, The Family Court

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Recognising and responding to poor mental health

Mental health discussions have been centred in the last few decades. However, this survey reveals that people’s ability to recognise their, and other’s, poor mental health and access healthcare services to support this remains a inaccessible to many.

Family, Friends, Mental Health

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Families and how to define them in modern society

Society’s concept of a family has changed a lot over time. As families begin to be characterised by increasing diversity, this survey explores people’s perceptions of family and what events change these perceptions.

Family, Society, The Family Court

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Youth Suicide

This survey explored people’s understanding of youth suicide, their views and knowledge about the issue and possible.

Children, Family, Mental Health

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The internet and relationships

This survey delineates the impact internet use can have on our initmaterelationships. The results suggest that technology can have negative and positive impacts on our closest relationships.

Family, Internet, Romantic Relationships

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