Natural disasters and neighbours’ support

Natural disasters have an enormous effect on the collective psyche of a community. This survey explored the changes people experienced with their relationships to their neighbours and communities following the catastrophic 2019/20 Summer Bushfire season in Australia.

Mental Health, Neighbours, Socialising, Society

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Workplace Christmas Parties

Although many think workplace Christmas parties can be a great way to celebrate and socialise, they can also be a cause for concern. This survey explores people’s experiences with workplace Christmas celebrations and busts some myths about how much they are really enjoyed.

Christmas, Socialising, Work

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Conflict between neighbours

Conflict between neighbours is more common than we might think. We explore tactics people use to overcome these experiences.

Disputes, Neighbours, Socialising, Society

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Bullying in schools

Bullying in schools is a prominent issue which effects children across Australia. This survey explores people’s awareness of bullying and the avenues that they might seek help from if faced with the issue in their own relationships.

Children, Disputes, Socialising

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